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Protect what you value most

Your health is one of your most valuable assets, and it should be protected. 

Today, people are traveling, relocating, and migrating abroad more than ever before. As the world changes, people are finding themselves visiting or moving to locations they may have never even considered previously.

Furthermore, as “developing nations” continue to play a larger and larger part in the global economy, residents of wealthier developed countries are relocating to these countries to facilitate the growth and manage trade; opportunities that may have been impossible just a few years ago.

Visiting less developed countries does not mean that anyone should put themselves or their health at risk, since high-quality health insurance products are available from a number of trusted insurance providers to protect you worldwide.

Health insurance coverage is available to protect you as an individual, your family, or your employees to the same, or even a higher level of coverage than you may have enjoyed in your home country.

Coversure – Protection The World Over

Global coverage to fit your needs

Coversure is able to offer health insurance protection to keep you safe around the world through a variety of flexible coverage options.

Your circumstances, lifestyle and travel patterns, as well as your personal, financial, and family responsibilities, will determine your most appropriate form of coverage. For this reason, Coversure offers very flexible and adaptable medical insurance plans for just about any circumstance and any location around the world.

Coversure Localized Health Insurance

Comprehensive domestic or regional coverage

For individuals, families, groups and businesses that primarily live and operate within a single country or geographic region, our localized health insurance plans are a great option as this type of coverage provides very comprehensive protection within a specific area.

It should be made clear that localized coverage is not international health insurance, but rather is only applicable within the region that is specified in the medical insurance policy. When traveling abroad, and effectively leaving the coverage area, it is strongly advised that a travel insurance policy be purchased to protect you for the duration of your trip.

International health insurance coverage

Far and away more popular among expatriates and frequent travelers, our international health insurance provides all the benefits of a domestic or regional coverage policy regardless of where in the world you are. This effectively means that no matter where the insured individual travels, they are always protected to the same high level and entitled to equivalent care, no matter when or where an injury or illness may occur.

Coversure Health Insurance Types

Medical insurance products for every need

With a customer base that reaches around the globe, Coversure understands that not everyone’s needs are the same. Therefore, to provide appropriate insurance options for everyone, we have a health insurance profile with hundreds of coverage policies and products to choose from.

Our products are very flexible and customizable so they can be tailored to your current circumstances, and can later be adapted as your needs change.

Some of our most popular medical insurance coverage plans are:  

Individual health insurance coverage

Family health insurance coverage

Group health insurance coverage 

When it comes to making a final decision about what kind of health insurance is right for you, it is good to know that you have help. Coversure has knowledgeable advisors (link to the Contact Us page or other relevant location) on hand who are able to help you 24 hours a day at no charge. These insurance experts will help you sort through all the coverage that is out there and guide you toward the plan that is just right for you. To learn more about our advisory services, and Coversure as a company in general, read below.  

Why Coversure?

A wealth of knowledge at your disposal – For free

Our advisors are all experts in health insurance for expats. With years of experience and training, you can be sure that the cover you get from us is the best possible fit for your lifestyle and cover requirements.

The freedom to decide for yourself

Coversure is not in the business of creating a high-pressure buying experience. Why? Because the health of our customers is too important to be treated as a commodity. Furthermore, we at Coversure don’t like to be forced into a decision or purchase that is uncomfortable or causes doubt, and we realize that respect, consideration and patience are how long-lasting relationships are made. We want our customers to keep coming back to us for our trustworthy service and great products.

Exceptional savings

Great service and helpful staff are reason enough for some people to buy their health insurance coverage from Coversure, but for many people, the ultimate deciding factor is still price. This is of course understandable as everyone needs to get health insurance coverage that not only fits their needs, circumstances, and lifestyle, but also their budget.

Choose the Right Plan

  • Giving you access to the best care
  • Flexible products to fit you
  • Highest standards of service
  • Get cover for you and your family


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