Coversure Medical Term Definitions

The medical terminology used in your personal accident insurance coverage information pack can be daunting. At Coversure we believe it is essential that you comprehend all the information about your international personal coverage. This list of commonly used medical terms should help.

Paralysis: Defined as the loss of function in one or more muscle groups. It can also be accompanied by loss of sensory information or feeling. 

Total incurable insanity: Unfortunately, definitions and references differ on this particular matter. If you are unsure, please consult your own doctor but check references as opinions are subjective. This usually refers to mental disorders or conditions that are deemed untreatable by certain doctors.

Osseous substance of the skull in all its thickness: This refers to the bone matter of the skull, however thick it is. Please check your insurance policy for specifics on how much may be covered depending on the sizable amount lost. 

Axillary nerve: The nerve that runs from your shoulder to the top of your hand, it supplies three main muscle groups; deltoids, teres minor and triceps. 

Median nerve: The median nerve also stems from the shoulder to supply different muscles and runs through the upper arm, forearm and entire hand. 

Radial nerve at the torsion cradle: The nerve that runs through the shoulder to the back of the wrist that corresponds directly to the flexibility of the elbow. 

Cubital Nerve: Also referred to as the unlar nerve, it starts at the shoulder and runs to the hand through the back of the hand; ring and pinkie finger. 

Ungual phalax: The outermost bone of any finger or toe. 

Phalange: A bone of a finger or toe.

Tibia: The inner and larger of the two bones of the lower leg, extending from the knee to the ankle.

Medio Tarsal: The bones constructing the foot and supporting the ankle bones.

Sciatic Nerve: The nerve that originates in the lower back, moves through the buttocks and connects to the calf muscle, pelvis and foot.

Lesion: (incurable lesion) A region in an organ or tissue that has suffered damage.

Disarticulation: The separation of two bones at their joint.

Knee-pan: This is commonly referred to as the knee-cap or patella.

Maxillary Bone: The bone that includes the roof of the mouth, the nasal cavity and the inner part of the cheek bone.

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