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Insurance Limits, Benefit Limits - Worldwide Health Insurance

Coversure offers a range of global health insurance plans with benefit limits that are among the highest currently available. Having a plan with high benefit limits is crucial for ensuring that access to first-class health services is always possible.

Most providers of international medical plans will provide policyholders with benefit limits in the range of US $1-2 million each year, with the lifetime limit for the plan in the region of US $5 million. Our plans have an annual overall limit of US$3,400,000 with no lifetime limit. These limits are large enough to ensure that the policyholder will still be covered should they choose to visit some of the world’s top medical facilities for treatment.

It is important to note that some medical plans will place a limit on the maximum amount you can claim against a specific treatment. A typical example would be a limit on the amount of dental treatment a policyholder can receive per year. These limits, however, are generally high enough to ensure that the policyholder can access the best medical treatment and services available in numerous locations around the world.

For more information on benefit limits and insurance limits, and for details on our global health insurance plans that can provide you and your family with the required level of coverage, please contact our dedicated advisors today. 

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