At Coversure, we believe strongly that the only road to success is by taking excellent care of our customers. We have developed industry leading administrative tools and processes which enable us to provide you, our valued customer, with world class service. 


We collect and use your personal information for the processing and administration of your application, as well as the administration of insurance policies, insurance claims and any underwriting checks. Information we gather must be accurate in order to successfully process your payment before a policy can be confirmed, and to communicate with you in regards to both existing products you are interested in and promotional information related to new insurance products. If we are bound to disclose this information due to requirements imposed by law or regulatory authorities, we will do so. We may also share your personal information with affiliated insurance companies, third party administrators, third party service providers including legal advisors, accountants and data processors.

Your personal information may be used in the voluntary marketing and promotion of new insurance services and products.The information used for this purpose is limited to your address, phone number, email and name.

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As a company, our mission is to provide the highest levels of coverage possible to our clients.

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Coversure offers international insurance policies to expatriates and local nationals around the world.


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