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For most people, the opportunity to travel abroad is an exciting and looked forward to opportunity to get away and see something new. Even when work has to be done, such as in the case of business trip or when studying overseas, leaving your home and experiencing a new culture and country is often a memorable treat. 

Sure, there can be awkward, difficult, or embarrassing moments while abroad, and they can make for funny stories when you get back home, but to be as certain as possible that no lasting harm is done, it is important to protect yourself to the fullest extent while away from home.

This, of course includes necessary vaccinations prior to visiting a developing country with a high risk of communicable disease(s), but it should also include medical insurance coverage that guarantees a high level of care should you experience an unexpected injury or illness while abroad.

Worldwide Protection from Coversure

Why consider travel insurance?

While at home, we all want to protect our own health, as well as the health of our family to the fullest extent our circumstances and abilities allow.

For most people, this means making an investment in their well-being by purchasing a health insurance protection policy that will cover the expense of necessary healthcare treatments should they arise. This is a smart move, since medical care is not cheap and trends in healthcare show treatments and medication becoming increasingly expensive every year.

Unfortunately, far too many people overlook the possibility of a major, or even relatively minor, medical emergency while traveling overseas, and this can have a terrible outcome.

Lack of health insurance coverage while traveling abroad can result in demands of up-front cash payment prior to any care being administered, or even denial of treatments in many countries. Either situation is extremely stressful and can be very difficult to facilitate in an emergency situation where time is of the essence and waiting can have long-lasting repercussions.

Furthermore, there is the possibility that you could experience a lack of sufficient funds or difficulty accessing needed funds in a short period of time and the situation can quickly go from frustrating to deadly.

With travel health insurance, this situation is eliminated, because coverage of all healthcare costs is covered by the insurer, thus patients are guaranteed access to the medical care they need, no matter what.

Since many countries are not able to provide the high standard of care found in developed nations, the healthcare that may be available to you while abroad is all too often of lesser quality. In this event, travel health insurance will also cover all costs for emergency transport or evacuation to the nearest location of medical excellence, either in the same country, a nearby one, or in some cases even repatriating you to your home country for care. When deemed necessary, a medical professional will accompany the patient during their transit.

Short term protection for any need

Our travel insurance coverage is designed specifically for medium to long business trips, as well as short vacations. This can include any single trip abroad from a few days to several months in length. Coverage is available for as many countries, regions, destinations and flights or other means of transit as you would like to fit into a single itinerary, with plan pricing adjusted accordingly, and all locations are covered to the same level.

The only major requirement for coverage is that all travel must be done continuously, without a planned return break within your own home country, though layovers could be exempted. For answers to any questions you may have, and to get complete details on our international travel insurance coverage, feel free to talk to one of our advisors.

Healthcare benefits included

All travel insurance from Coversure comes with exceptionally comprehensive emergency medical care benefits including:

  • In-patient Hospitalization
  • Out-patient Medical Care
  • Prescription Medication
  • Prescribed Physical Therapy
  • Ambulance Transport
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Emergency Repatriation
  • Next-Of-Kin Patient Accompaniment
  • Lodging And Incidental Daily Expenses Incurred By The Patient’s Accompaniment
  • Doctor Home Visits
  • Emergency Dental Care/Pain Stilling
  • Dignified Return Transport Of Deceased

This means that come what may, either large or small, your health is always looked after while you travel.

Theft Protection, Cancellation Coverage, Trip Continuation

Other great benefits of travel insurance

Additionally, even when there is no medical emergency, our travel insurance benefits can be of great value. This is because traveler’s insurance, unlike simple health insurance, is tailored specifically with vacation, holiday or business travelers in mind.

So if you should suffer theft of personal belongings, a trip or travel plan cancellation or delay or miss a connection, there are benefits available to replace your stolen funds or property and in most instances, even provide alternative travel arrangements or accommodations when necessary.

Of course, there are certain restrictions and requirements that have to be met, but these loss-replacement features alone can easily cover the cost of the travel insurance policy, not to mention eliminate a huge amount of hassle and disappointment.

No one ever wants to have to use their insurance coverage, but this really is the best possible use of travel insurance from anyone’s perspective, since a financial loss is better than a health issue under any circumstance, particularly while abroad. With our traveler’s insurance, it doesn’t have to mean a bitter end to a great trip.

Coversure And Bupa Working Together To Protect You

Superior coverage and excellent service

For traveler’s insurance, we rely on the exceptional protection and flexible coverage that Bupa has been providing for more than 65 years in the United Kingdom, which now extends globally through its international insurance subsidiary IHI-Bupa.

IHI-Bupa is one of the world’s leading travel insurers and offers some of the world’s most comprehensive international travel benefits available.

Great Policy Rates

Direct access to professionals when needed

Nothing is more frustrating that not being able to get the answers and guidance you need when facing a medical emergency. Coversure provides our insured with access to the in-house team of professionals to offer council, suggestions, consultation, and guidance should you face a medical emergency while abroad.

All the above mentioned medical consultation services are provided for free exclusively as a courtesy to Coversure customers, we want all of our customers to have the freedom to travel without concern.

Other Coversure Health Insurance Products

Long term cover

Travel insurance is not right for every situation. For long-term relocations, such as someone on an extended work assignment overseas, international retirees, frequent travelers or expatriates, a more permanent and affordable coverage option is to purchase an annual comprehensive health insurance policy.

Some of our most popular long-term medical insurance products include: 

Individual Health Insurance Coverage 

Family Health Insurance Coverage 

Group Health Insurance Coverage 

Travel insurance and annual health insurance coverage differ in several important ways, most notably the types of healthcare that are included.

As the above listed coverage types are similar to the medical insurance you likely already have, it is easy to see why annual coverage would typically be more appropriate for anyone planning to spend several months or a year or more overseas, since this cover will provide for your complete healthcare needs, not just emergency medical care.

For more details on which type of policy is best for your needs and circumstances, speak directly to a Coversure advisor. 

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